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Calling in Cthulhu!

It can be said that the brothers’ biggest (only?) brush with fame has been their loose association with this Brand Gamblin project:

Yep, that’s the brother’s music you hear in there. Some of it derived from other, more noteworthy antecedents (Modest Mussorgsky, Sheila Cole). But most of it is their own.

Every now and again, some wandering soul would hit up the producer for one of the audio cues. Or present a query about the composition of a particular bit.

The producer kept notes of this. Eventually, he surmised a need to release the C4C efforts to the universe, and so tasked Isaac and Horace on the latest project – The compilation of bits and pieces that the brothers contributed to the Calls for Cthulhu series. MORE than just a compilation, truthfully (the actual words were “make it mo’ betta”).

So it’s with great pride and pleasure that the producer announces the next project: Music from Calls for Cthulhu!

It should be finished 4/30/11. Look for it!