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Filling in the Blanks on Fill in the Blanks

‘Tis official – “Fill in the Blanks” arrives Friday, 3/15/19, in all it’s danceable, ironic glory.  

This one is more “accessible” (which is another word for “what we’re used to”), and the comments have been pretty good, for a Brothers Burn release:

“…Nicked Fedora [is] an instrumental track with dexterous use of vox samples making this the tap-along, foot stomp track of the album.”  

“It’s a banger [What Jessica Said].”

“…the originality can’t be questioned, and it’s a pleasure to hear something so creatively unique right now.”

The good folks at Stero Stickman had much more to say:  Check out their review here.

Here’s a tracklist, FWIW – 

1 · What Jessica Said 
2 · Escape
3 · Nicked Fedora
4 · Fill in the Blanks
5 · Buddha Be-Bop 
6 · The Road Not Travelled
7 · Gotta Run

If you want, you can pre-save it to Spotify by clicking this here.