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You can tell I mean it when it’s all caps.

I admire my edgier alternative music people and will jam to alt. hiphop when I’m really feeling it.  Krosst Out is good at that.

So one particularly salty day, I discovered a punishing 808-ish bass sound that was part music, part feeling, and all attitude.  I thought “this is cool but is not really all that Brothers Burn-ish”.  So instead of dumping it in the trash with all the others, I reached out to Krosst Out.  He’s big into collaborating – he worked with me on “We Ain’t Done” – and this seemed like right up his alley.

Cut to 3 weeks later, and now we’ve got my edgiest, most alt. single yet.  Which, granted, isn’t saying that much: I’ll admit I can’t touch Rage Against The Machine.  Further, this isn’t really “my” edgiest, because it took Krosst Out’s lyrics and vocals to move it past mediocre to remarkable.

Dropping 11/8/23, let me introduce an alt. hip hop song, I DON’T CARE.

Presave if you’re into that sorta thing.