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Stepped In Gum

I was stuck.  I had been working on this song, and had it at the place where it was time for lyrics.  But I had nothing.  Scoured my notes for old ideas, but nothing.

Then I was walking in a parking lot and – you guessed it – stepped on a piece of gum.  Got home with it stuck in the ruts on the sole of my tennis shoe.  I didn’t even know gum was still a thing, much less something people still stepped in.

And just like that, the song idea was there.  Life’s like that, you know.  One minute your walking tall and everything’s gravy.  Then the next minute the world has crumbled and you’ve been humbled.  And it’s usually by something small and maybe insignificant.

So that’s how “Stepped In Gum” – my latest song, dropping 7/3/24, 4th of July Eve – came about.  It’s an alternative rock song in the traditional sense, which is a weird thing to say but it’s true.  I hope you like it.