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1884 is here

Back when the brothers were in the final throes of “Flattened Frog” – that would be the summer of ’10 – Brand Gamblin (@brandg) mentioned that he would need some music for the podcast of his latest NaNoWriMo-kick-started, steampunk novel “1884”.  

They stewed on it, toyed with various instruments.  Forgot all about it.  Finished and mastered “Flattened Frog”, then came back to it with fresh, “I’m ready for something other than electronic music” verve.  They belted out a theme, posted it to Brand.  He liked it and ran with it.  

But the theme, both of the music and of Brand’s writing, followed the brothers around like some vengeful ghost.  Eventually, they gave into the muse, spent some days in the studio, and generated this 13 minute track.  

‘Tis a freebie, so get ye to Bandcamp and pick it up: