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Progress on A Work In Progress

We’ve been pretty faithful with our meds.  Pretty.

And so there’s been some significant progress on the next LP, titled “A Work in Progress”.  So much so that the producer got in touch with a visual designer to generate an image for the CD cover.

The visual designer turned out to be no less than Noël Kristi Wells, the actress, comedienne, and creator of the Zooey Deschanel Show.   (Turns out she’s a film editor and brilliant photographer as well.  We’re pretty sure she also has a great plan for World Peace, but were afraid to ask.)

Noël turned in several comps, here’s two that we really liked –  

The brothers absolutely loved this one, but the producer said No, it’s a bit too dark for the cuts in this release.  This caused consternation, and Horace asked for a copy to simply hang in their cell.  (The jury is still out on this; the producer is waiting to hear back about the institute’s policy on wall decorations.)

This one is closer, and the producer said YES.  But Noël nixed it, knowing there was something better.

We ended up with this one, which the brothers were very happy with:

And when we say “very happy”, we mean that they agreed it was amazingly appropriate, and that there was no violence or obscene gestures between them.

With that done, the producer, flush with success, named March 25, 2011 as the Official Release Date for “A Work In Progress”.  Will post the success, or failure, of making that date…