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Music for Discount Miracles

We love Brand Gamblin’s stuff. You read his latest, “Discount Miracles”? Good stuff, a nice blend of high brow sci fi and low brow motivations:

The crew of the space salvage ship JNE-0518 (the Jenny) have crashed on a planet that has lost its link to civilization. Surrounded by kingdoms stuck in the dark ages, the crew decides to hire themselves out as wizards, available to make any prophecy come true.

But the latest job goes bad when they find themselves transporting a deified prince. Can the team get away from two different nations before they are caught and burned as royal kidnappers and witches? Even if they can escape the two armies, can they escape the iron grip of prophecy itself?

It’s good writing by an artful author, and we were honored that the man tapped the brothers once again for music duties for the Discount Miracles podcast. Cool.

The brothers banged heads on it for a while. And in the end, had managed to conjure up 8 different tracks of varying quality and appropriateness.

The tracks were presented to the author/podcaster. He mulled them over, then selected the last one, 8C. There was much rejoicing – We thought that was the strongest one, too.

And what about the previous 7 tracks? Some were trashed, never to be foisted on human ears again. The remaining were posted on the Downloads and Soundtracks page. You wanna hear them? Go here and hear!

But for a great read, you need to just go ahead and add Discount Miracles to your library: