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Limbo This Way Comes

It’s been over 19 months since our last update. Things have been… How to put it? 

The producer wanted to report, in his most enthusiastic voice, that Isaac and Horace have been in the studio these last 19 months, meticulously crafting their next release. That this alleged work is the opus that they’ve held in check all these many years. That it is a masterpiece, a brilliant work that transcends all musical endeavors to date. That blah blah blah blah blah… 

You get the drift. 

Unfortunately, there are records of a public nature on file in the courthouse at 1000 Guadalupe in downtown Austin. These records can be easily discovered and consulted, and the information they contain blithely wipes away any glittering blather the producer produces. 

So we’ll make a clean breast of it and say, in our most diffidently vague manner, that the brothers have been “busy”, but that time is past and they have returned to the studio to work on a new release. 

In the process of compiling these new compositions, a common thread has been discovered, which gave stead to the name of this release: Limbo. 

We can understand that association, but No, not that kind of limbo.  This kind:

We suspect it’s been inspired by the legal state they found themselves in, but instead we’ll insist that it has always been a theme that the brothers have “identified with”, and leave it at that.

This new eight (possibly nine) track release features more of the brother’s signature danceable electro-pop, and dips a proverbial toe into dramatic orchestrated pieces (obviously emulating Hybrid and Juno Reactor).  ETA is March or April 2014.  

And we’re actively discouraging a release date of April Fools’ Day.