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Releasing Limbo

We thought long and hard, but alas – no witticisms came to mind about this topic:  A release date has been set for Limbo:  


That’s a Monday, so…  Well, don’t set your alarm clock.  We’ll wait for you to get up.

And along with that hardened, post-SXSW date, comes the cover: 

The track list is likeuntoso:

1.  The Foremost Circle 
2.  Head Down
3.  Wandering Through
4.  (I’ll Be Your) Happy Camper
5.  Walk the Talk
6.  Limbo
7.  Catz
8.  Canto 4 
9.  On Our Way (To Who Knows Where)

Lastly, we’re extremely pleased to announce that the riveting voice of Cori Samuel is featured on two of those tracks (“The Foremost Circle” and “Canto 4”).  Read more about Cori (or better yet, hire her voice) on her website.