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BOOM brings the Encouragment Clown

Now that their legal status has reached a sort of stasis (albeit temporarily), the brothers have access to their musical accouterments once again, and so have been re-acclimating themselves with their old ways in the studio.

And, to our utter amazement, the good folks at The Milkshake Boom asked for some music cues for their latest production, “The Encouragement Clown” (still in the throes of post-production at the time of this post).

Though unaware that they did productions, the producer is quite familiar with The Milkshake Boom – it is one of the most popular movie-based podcasts around.

He quickly got the brothers working on the rough cut of the (hysterical) short, then got the lawyers working on contingencies.  (Experience has taught us to prepare for clients becoming aware of the brothers’ “troubles”.)

In a rare burst of productivity – brought about by either the forced hiatus from the studio or the inspiring nature of the short – the brothers generated a slew of work, some of which could not be used for one reason or another.  The producer, fearing that the uncharacteristic production boom might go unused, decided to release the cuts “to the wild”, “just to show we’re still viable” he said (in a very bitter tone that is difficult to convey here).

So it is with great pleasure that we announce that Friday, July 1, 2016, look for “Encouragement Clown Outtakes” on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Free for the downloading.  Woot.