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What It Ain’t

We hear there’s an election coming up.  And that there was a hurricane.  

For the producer, there are no events.  Unless it is audio, and steadily improving from sucky to acceptable.  

After the burst of energy bringing The Milkshake Boom-inspired “Encouragement Clown Outtakes” to the world, Isaac and Horace simply kept on working.  Noodling, mostly.  When they were around.  

But the producer, liking the business of producing stuff, dug through old audio sessions, looking for “likely candidates”.  Sessions from 2014, 2015, and the spring of this year.  Lots of them, hundreds.  Out of that pile, he found 20.  

And when the brothers were next in the studio, he loaded some of the files for their opinion.  Some were scorned.  But some were taken, munged, and mangled beyond recognizition.  And with this approach, the producer ended up with the tracks of a new LP.  

The title is a basterdization (or is it bastardization?) of the Ella Wheeler Wilcox poem “Art and Heart“, insisted upon by the producer, who felt it was time to “take off the kid gloves” and “lead more actively” – which means he is now a domineering jerk.  The reference will be explained in a later post – once the producer is in an emotional state that is conducive to anything other than bellowing and scowling.

On a more positive note, we’re ecstatic to report that the producer managed to convince the AWESOME Panic Surfer to contribute to one of the tracks (“Don’t Hold Back”).  We’ll have more details on that collaboration later.

Release date is tentatively scheduled for 10/26/16, just in time for Halloween. 

Candy?  We’ll see.