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WTF Vids

Despite all the confusion – and after three too-many cups of espresso – the producer realized that perhaps the “music video” genre isn’t just a fad after all.  

He talked to the gullible folks at Burn Films, and managed to persuade them to pick a song or three and produce a video.  He described the work to the production team as “something you are very lucky to have a part in” and that it was an excellent chance “to showcase your work”.  

Though perhaps not the defining examples of music videography they could be, the brothers now have two new shiny videos to showcase their work to those wacky music fans who get their music from a video site (instead of off an AM radio station as God intended).  

So, it is with great pride that we present the Official Music Video for On The Way Out (from WTF):

Please give a warm round of applause for the Official Music Video for You Are Old (from WTF):