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Cool Radio People

Whilest doing social things, the producer sometimes has the good fortune to meet people much nicer than himself.  Such is the case with unlikely-named Casimir Engine, the prestigious, gentlemanly host of the world-famous Casimir Engine Podcast.  

We met Mr. Engine via that newfangled Twitter thing that people are so nuts about.  He was good enough to include not just one, but two of The Brothers Burn numbers on his show – “Nicked Fedora” (on 11/5/18) and “We Live On (In Desire)” (on 11/12/18).  

And if that wasn’t enough, he went further and spun “Nicked Fedora” on his inaugural Analogue Trash radio show (which, foreverafter, will be on Tuesday nights, 8-10 PM, Manchester UK time).  

You should give Mr. Engine’s podcast a listen or three.  THEN go tune into that outstanding Analogue Trash show as well.  Find him on Twitter and at his little home on the web.