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Hop Skip Jump into 2020

‘Tis a new year, and the brothers busted out some old songs.  A counter-intuitive move, you’d think, but it worked out in this case.

But let’s be honest – It’s all about Spotify.  But first, a bit of back story.

The producer has never been happy with the way “A Work In Progress” was received.  In a non-helpful, nostalgic fashion, he considers it their best work (this was before the fiasco that preceded the blank years before “Limbo”).

Time goes by, and the rosy glasses grow foggier, and the past looks better than ever.  He looks lovingly on those “A Work In Progress” cuts, and realizes that they have never been Spotified.  He sees an opportunity to scratch his itch and fill in the Spotify catalogue at the same time.  And thus is born the “Hop Skip Jump” EP.   

You can presave it here.  And for maximum nostalgia, hit up the music vid (which, we admit, is showing it’s age):