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About Happy To Be Here

As years go, 2020 hasn’t been all that hot.  Not to us, not to most people.  Environments like this – once the basic set in the hierarchy of needs is met – usually kick us into creative ways to vent our experiences.  

Yell at the world, if you will.  

So when self-quarantine and masks and economic problems and injustice and riots and Murder Wasps came, the brothers let it out in new ways, and a new set of tracks was pushed out:  A fleshed out and conceptual whole.  Backbeat-heavy, sometimes danceable, hopeful chord progressions laced with a bit of the craziness that is this time we live in.  

This is the downcast album we thought – we hoped – the brothers would never produce.  But we’re nothing if we don’t have a smile on, so it’s got one.  Maybe not that genuine, but it’s there.  It’s Happy To Be Here:

Hitting the streaming platform of your choice 7/24/20.  

But before that – One of the tracks – Grouse – has been single-ized:

You can pre-save it if you want to be ready the moment it’s available.  Do that here.