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Another Christmas Song

It all started with the guy you’d suspect started it – Casimir Engine.

He said to the brothers – publicly, mind – “We need A Texan Christmas”, as though Isaac and Horace rode their horses all day and sang ditties by the fire while sleeping out on the range (instead of sleeping strapped to their cell cots like they normally do).

But they had this funky bit of groove already half done.  “Why isn’t this a Christmas song?” whined the producer, which produced no visible response from anyone.  Until he’d stomped out of the room that is – at which point the brothers added Christmas lyrics.  Recorded, mixed, and mastered it.

And when the producer finally skulked back, there it was, just needing an image.

The world premiere will be on Kinetic 7 Radio (sometime after 8PM UK time), courtesy of Cas.  But you can pre-save it here and be ready once it drops 12/18/20.