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Psycho Logical

You know someone – you might even BE that someone – that holds to some hard-to-support ideas about the world. Like, for example, that the world is flat instead of spherical.

Or that the exhaust clouds created by jet airplanes are really government-created chemicals being dropped on innocent citizens.

Or that NASA faked the moon landing.

You’ve heard these ideas. They have been presented by seemingly-logical people and delivered with sincere, whole-hearted, conviction.

And you’ve noticed that the COVID-19 topic is fertile ground for these. For out of the mystery surrounding COVID, some hard-to-support ideas have sprouted – it’s origins, government involvement, vaccines, etc.

It’s weird, but maybe that’s just human nature. And so it makes a great source for a song, hence “Psycho Logical” was hatched.  It’s got the hallmark Brothers Burn sound – funky guitars over reggae rhythm and danceable beat.  And for the first time ever, my own mug appropriately takes center stage for the cover image:

It’s coming out 5/14/21, but go on and pre-save it if you’re into that sort of thing…