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The Brothers Burn

It’s taken me 13 LPs to reach this point, but I’ve finally made it – a self-titled album.

In essence, this is the collection of singles I’ve released since December last year, but remixed and remastered – I’ve gotten better at using the audio tools at my disposal, and wanted to leverage that expertise.  I’m convinced every song is a little better because of it, some more than others (A Pretty Mean and On My Way To The Liquor Store in particular).

Plus one more song – Late to Church, an unholy mashup of gospel and reggae – that fits this collection.  You can call it another facet of what defines The Brothers Burn as a musical artist.

Because that is what the “self-titled album” is, a definition of what that name means, what you can expect, and what the potential is.

Track list!

On My Way To The Liquor Store
Another Christmas Song
Psycho Logical
A Pretty Mean
Poppy Seed Bread
Wanna Be
Late For Church
12 Witches

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