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Dropping 1/5/22: Summerfall. Kinda like Skyfall – dramatic with allusions to falling – but more seasonal. The things that are cool about Summer aren’t there in the following, inevitable, season of Autumn. This is easy for me to identify with and flesh out, being in the fall/winter seasons of my life.

Summerfall includes all the songs I’ve released since July, plus 3 new ones:

  • The title track is a reggae-ish, summer-sounding thing, with lyrics that explore that thought – making a decision based on current, sunny, circumstances, then maybe regretting it. Maybe.
  • Senior Discount is one of those story songs, inspired by a real-life surprise that wasn’t really all that pleasant.
  • And finally, Let’s All Go is the last track on the album. It was inspired while watching The Beatles: Get Back, and you can hear the influence of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” in the chorus.

Track listing for you completists:

  1. Too Much Crap
  2. Asking For A Friend
  3. Too Much Information
  4. Won’t Be Happy
  5. Summerfall
  6. Over It
  7. Senior Discount
  8. Christmas Rush
  9. Let’s All Go

Album art by the uber-talented Marcela Cardenas.