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It’s a New Thing

Have you checked out any Hyperpop? Lots of dissonance and bad recordings and weird noises and bad language. And worse attitude.

Kinda sounds like how the previous generation described my music.  And they weren’t wrong.

And that’s all it took to make me listen – Check out this list and you can’t go wrong.  If you want to dig into hyperpop that is.

And a funny thing happened on the way to producing the next song.

Christmas.  I got some interesting things and discovered the joy of getting a new thing.  As irrational as this is – getting happy over an inanimate object that will fall apart – it happens.  And once I put that notion into sound, I found myself wanting to put in more dissonance and weird noises and bad language and worse attitude.  Maybe I’ve been influenced by the crazy music kids are listening to nowadays.

But don’t get too excited – this one is held up by the typical bones of a Brothers Burns number – Bass-driven, danceable funk riffs over a hip-hop drum kit.  The hyperbot bits are just that, bits and pieces.  I dunno, maybe I’m too old to be able to generate the attitude?

Due out 2/2/22.  Watch out for weird vocals and sounds and crappy attitude.  Language is PG though.