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Nuthin’ Going On

My song-writing process – if you’re interested – is to produce sketches, or riffs/grooves, that sound cool and have promise.  Then I take that and build it out, add chorus, pre-chorus, bridges, intros, etc., until it’s got the shape of a real song.  THEN I write the lyrics, hoping against hope that they sound cool when butted up next to the beat.  This is David Byrne‘s approach, and if it’s good enough for him…

So this next one started life that way – A laid-back, reggae-ish piece that felt more chill than anything.  “Yo”, it said, “there ain’t nuthin’ going on.”

But when I started on the lyrics, the more dramatic notion of that statement seemed better – What you would say if someone accused you of cheating.  That’s a much better story than… nuthin’.

Dropping 3/2/22, presave here if you want to see how the story ends: