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We Ain’t Done

About time I got some help, so I pinged a top-notch talent – Krosst Out – and asked if he would be so kind as to lend his lyrical and vocal skills.  To wit, to rap and otherwise collaborate on a track I’d started.
Krosst Out
And lo and behold, the man said yes, and a collaboration was born – one that crosses genre and generational lines. The fruit of that labor is “We Ain’t Done”, a funky upbeat number, interlaced with some excellent Krosst Out vocalage:
Meant as an inspirational piece, it’s that thing you yelp make when you’re fighting some fight and losing. It’s about not giving up, even when it looks like you’ve already lost.  Maybe your girlfriend is moving out, maybe the boss has fired you, maybe the truck needs fixing and you can’t afford to put it in the shop. You know what you say then? You say “We aint’ done” and you keep trying.

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