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Arsenio Hall

Don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes, a word or phrase pops into my mind, and I hear it.  The consonants and vowel sounds click in some unique way that, to me anyway, make an intriguing title.  “What Jessica Said” was that way.  And so it this one.

Here’s a guy I have admired from my youth.  Super-talented, naturally funny, and smart enough to be a host – a very successful host – on live TV (which means he’s got a quick wit).

And that’s cool and all.  But the kicker for me is his name.  Arsenio Hall. Say it out loud and you’ll see what I mean – Those consonants and vowels sliding together is just an interesting title.

So dropping 5/4/2022, a funky, showtime-ish number:  My small homage to a man I admire, who hasn’t really ever gotten the recognition and rewards he deserves.  And who’s name is so cool.