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Left Alone

I’ve seen a lot deaths lately.  Family members.  People I’ve known personally, or known about from family or friends.

Not sure how you respond to something like that.  I didn’t know how I’d respond, but I’ve learned – I seek comfort in the things that make me happy.  Might eat too much ice cream, or down too many donuts.  And I turn to the reggae playlists I follow on Spotify.  And, for me anyway, these indulgent coping mechanisms usually don’t work all that well.  The ice cream tastes bland, or the donut is gone and you just have a jitter.

Which inspired Left Alone, dropping 6/1/22.  A straight-up reggae song, and probably the saddest reggae song you may ever hear.  Though somewhat spiritual, it breaks the “everything’s gonna be alright” motif – which might be a deal breaker for reggae lovers. Still, definitely the best song I’ve ever written and produced, and though the lyrics are sad, they contrast with the bouncy reggae riffs just enough to leave you more contemplative than somber.