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Dropping 7/27/22: Uniform. What started out as just the barest notion – “uniform” – has now fleshed itself out into a full-blown LP, complete with bonus/unreleased tracks (for your inner bandcamp), exploring/contemplating the roles of uniformity, both desired and not.

Uniform includes all the songs I’ve released since January, plus 2 new ones (or 4 if you get it off Bandcamp):

  • The title track is a minimalistic funk number, with lyrics told from that all-too-familiar role – Gotta get out of this uniform!
  • Lisa Is a Killer is a new-ish sound for me, with a hip-hop-ish 808 drumkit, screaming lyrics, and a narrated chorus.  There’s an alternate version included in the bandcamp release, where I re-tuned it in Locrian scale, but I consider that a failed experiment but included for novelty’s sake.
  • And finally, “I Gotta Real Job” is the first track on the bandcamp version of the album. An a cappella thing that is a fitting intro to the entire concept, but too obscure for general release.

Track listing for the general release:

  1. Uniform
  2. Little White Lies
  3. Left Alone
  4. We Ain’t Done (feat. Krosst Out)
  5. Arsensio Hall
  6. Nuthin’ Goin’ On
  7. New Thing
  8. Lisa Is A Killer

The Bandcamp release:

  1. I Gotta Real Job
  2. Uniform
  3. Little White Lies
  4. Left Alone
  5. We Ain’t Done (feat. Krosst Out)
  6. Arsensio Hall
  7. Nuthin’ Goin’ On
  8. New Thing
  9. Lisa Is A Killer
  10. Lisa Is A Killer (Locrian)