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Coffee With Superman

Not going to lie – 2022 wasn’t a great year for the brothers.

Dad died in January.  Wife in August.  Woke up two weeks after that with double vision.  In October got to take several trips to the emergency room and get some surgery and get – not just one, but two – catheter insertions and find out I have stage four prostate cancer.

So music production – and promotion and blog posting and social media engagement – stopped for a bit.

That’s alright.  Got to think about new things, see the world from the bed of someone in pain, consider my own personal expiration date.

Said all that to say this – There’s no way that all these events haven’t effected (affected?) the music that the brothers write and compose. Can’t even tell you myself, really, what will be the new direction, if at all.

But I can say – The first track from the new album dropped 2/1/23. Coffee with Superman –

Still the reggae-ish, funky sound, though maybe a bit more indie-leaning, with more soulful vocals than, say, Uniform.  (Album art – if you can’t tell – was AI-generated by Stable Diffusion.)