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Gets It Done

Everyone knows that guy – or that gal – that gets it done.  The humble workhorse.  Typically keeps his/her mouth shut.  And though silent and maybe unnoticed, when the day has ended, there it is – a mountain of work has been done and the guy – or gal – is driving away.  Or you’re the one driving away and you suddenly think about it.

You meet people like that in hospitals and doctors’ offices and tech joints and coffee shops and garages and schools and….  It’s funny.  We see the outspoken crew; the louder, opinionated folks, and they are the ones who form our option about the joint.  Meanwhile, the guy/gal getting it done is getting it done.

Anyway, this one’s for you, an alt-rock, reggae-beaten number that gets me screaming before it’s done.  Check it out:

You know who you are, and I see you.