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This one was hard.

Correction – It was easy to start, but hard to finish.  The bassline came easy.  It’s a downer that evokes downer emotions and thoughts, and so informed the direction of the song.  I thumbed through my song ideas and found a match to that tone in “Skittish”.  Then the lyrics wrote themselves – A guy who’s scared of everything, and how it makes him distrust everything and everyone.

Then I recorded the vocals.  And recorded them again.  And again.  Re-wrote the chorus.  Re-wrote the pre-chorus.  Recorded vocals again.  Threw away the chorus.  Threw away the pre-chorus.  Re-recorded vocals.  Dumped the chorus.  Re-…

You get the idea.  In the end, I had a more traditional rock song, with alternative influences here and there.  Not as fun or funky as I usually do, but still happy how (and that) it turned out.

And after thinking about it a bit, realized this one was a little closer to me than I thought.  When crap happens very close to you, you become That Guy who jumps at every sound.  And that letting that episodic fear out took a bit of carving to home in on and discover.  Cathartic might be the right word here.

Ladies and gentlemen, dropping 4/19/23, Skittish.

Presave if you’re into that.  No pressure.